Joinery Services

Bridgewater Upholstery can provide a bespoke design and manufacturing service for custom and unique upholstery and furniture.

Joinery Specialist Services

We manufacture all types of woodworking projects, from large to small we put the highest level of effort and detail into every piece

The types of furniture we can offer are as follows:

· Tables, Chairs, Cabinets, Dressers, all made or supplied to bespoke order, we also have a fantastic range of chairs listed on our websites, with more available to order on contact

· Wall panels, upholstered or finished

· Moulding services, we can also provide a simple planing and moulding service, whether it's for a job you need a custom design for or to match an existing pattern, using our machinery we can produce any of these to be using on furniture, architrave, skirting, dado rail, and many more

· One off Pieces, we are experts in crafting the prefect piece of furniture for your restaurant, hotel, home or any other location inside or out.

Please contact us via 01630 409 004 to discuss your requirements on any of our specialist services.